How to set up Robo Calls

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This is a purchaseable module for $10.00 per month.

You are able to send automated Reminder Calls to your patients.

The Module must first be enabled on your Juvonno system. 

It it is not, please contact Customer Care, they will enable it for you.

Robo call message is located under Settings, General, Reminders and Notifications.


Appointment Text Reminders and Phone Reminders Section

These fields dictate what the automated message will say.

This is the same text that is sent in a Text reminder.




Patient Profile

Set the Default Reminder to Robo Calls, Open the Patient Profile, locate the "Default Reminder" field and make a selection from the drop down options.  Then Save.



Ensure you have a valid phone number in the patient profile and that the correct phone number is set to the default for the ROBO call to be directed.






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