How to Send COVID-19 Pre-Screenings to Patients

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Prescreen your patients prior to each visit.



This self-assessment tool will help determine whether the patient should seek an official assessment for COVID-19. This is based off of the official Government of Canada COVID-19 website and their suggested 6 self-assessment questions.




Where is it enabled?

Settings > General > Modules > COVID-19 Survey




How Does it Work?

An email is automatically scheduled to send 4 hours prior to any 'open' appointment requesting the patient to complete their survey.

You are able to edit the time prior to the appointment by going to Settings, General, Reminders & Notifications.  Covid-19 Screening Emails section, edit then Save.


NOTE: The survey will expire after 48 hours.


Once the final question is answered, the patient will need to confirm their name (which will populate based on their profile) and submit. Failure to submit will leave the survey as incomplete.


Surveys are saved in the patient's documents in the COVID-19 | Screening category.
The survey will store as a PDF and can be shared to the Portal if necessary.


The appointment itself will display its info Green_i_Icon.jpg icon in green when the survey is completed and the patient is cleared for their appointment.

If the patient answers 'Yes' to any of the 6 questions, the icon Red_i_Icon.jpg will display in red.
It is recommended to cancel the appointment in this circumstance.


View the Appointment Info to find out the status of the survey and a link to its PDF.


The appointment's menu includes an option to instantly send the screening email.



Patients can also complete their survey ahead of time from the Patient Portal.




As of October 2021, due to updates within provincial territories a second version of the COVID 19 Prescreening Questions was created. The updated questionnaire includes a question regarding vaccination statues, with an option for patients to defer acknowledging their status. Depending on the answer to the vaccination status the questionnaire will modify the questions.



To change the version based on your province/territories requirements on vaccinations you would go into Settings > General > Reminders & Notifications and under the COVID-19 Screen Emails you can choose Version 1 (2020) that does not ask the vaccination questions, or Version 2 (2021) that does ask it.



Additional Notes


1) Emails will log in Patient Profile > Correspondence > System Emails. If the patient does not fill in the survey and you must do it for them, you can complete the survey for the patient by opening the email in this tab, click on the survey tab and complete it.

2) Surveys already completed from the Portal will not be emailed out

3) Appointments that have their Visit Type set to 'Telehealth' or 'Phzio' will  not have the survey sent out automatically.

4) If an appointment is scheduled within the 4 hours, the email will be pending until the system finds and sends it out (on an hourly basis).

5) A timestamp will appear on the survey itself and in the Patient Profile's Documents tab, based on time of submission.

6) The survey can only be started within 24 hours of the appointment.

7) Alternatively, a fillable-PDF print version of this survey can be found here. You will need to download the PDF and once filled, print it.


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