WSIB Block Billing

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1. Set up the Third Party Insurance Company.

Navigate to Settings>Companies and Contacts section>Third Party Companies.

In the top right corner of the page select "New Third Party Company".

Under the Name field enter WSIB then Save.



2. Patient Profile

Open the Patient Profile, then select the "Insurance tab".

Select "New Insurance" to create a new record.


In the "Insurance Company" field select WSIB from the drop down options.


Policy Rules Section


Enter in the remaining details relating to the WSIB claim and Save.


Below in section 3. is an "Example" of how you can set up the Product & Services for a Block for Physiotherapy Services.

3. Product & Service

Under Settings, Products & Services, create a new "Item".

Item Name field: "Block" 1 with a total of $0.00 to book until the end of the block has been reached.

Once the end date has been reached you can bill the full Block for the full amount.



4. Book the Appointment on the Schedule

In the appointment booking window select the Patient Name. 

Select WSIB as the Insurance.

Below the Insurance field, the Coverage will display the details to prompt you when the coverage ends and the amount will count down if you have allocated an amount per appointment within the block.



Under the Products & Services select "Block 1".

When the appointment is finished, from the Appointment block select "Complete and Invoice".

Select "Check out".

The Third Party WSIB invoice is created in a receivable status.

5. Booking subsequent Appointments.

Subsequent appointments for this block will be booked on the schedule by selecting the Product & Service - "Block 1".

In the Retail Total field set the amount to $0.00.

Continue booking appointments until the block is completed.

6. Batch Bill for WSIB

When you are ready to bill WSIB go to the Accounting tab, "Print Batching".

Select "Create Batch Bill".

Enter the details for the batch bill for the "Patient".

Be sure to select the "Include $0.00 Transactions check box.


Select "Create Batch".

The batch will be created. 

Confirm to Create the Batch.


Select the "Click Here" link to view the batch.


 You are directed to the Print Batch Page where the batch will be listed.

Select the icon to the left of the batch to view "Consolidated Invoices".



A batch consolidated invoice will be created for you to print or download.



When you have completed sending the batch you can mark it as "Printed".  Click the icon to the left of the item and select "Mark Batch as Printed or Mark Batch as Sent".


You are able to search by Printed and Sent batches in the Search area by selecting the "Status" field to "Printed or Sent".



















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