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  ⇆  Patient Portal Profile


Take control over which portal profile fields need to be completed by the patient.
Set Mandatory fields to prevent patients booking when their profile is incomplete.


Adjust the settings in Settings > General > Portal > Portal Profile:


Patient Custom Fields now have a Include in Portal toggle setting as well.



 Note: All edits are stored in the Patient Profile > History > Changes tab for reference.



  ⇆   JuvonnoComm Date Filter

Filter your Campaign dashboard with a variety of date range methods.
Keep track of your monthly usage or set a custom range by preference. 


This date filter is also available in each individual Campaign's results.


  ⇆  Send a Text Message


Communicate to patients directly off their scheduled appointment.


Note: Text Message reminders must be set up and enabled prior to using this feature. Enable in Settings > General > Reminders & Notifications > Text Message Reminders



  ⇆  Canada Life Claim Form

The latest version of Canada Life's claim form is now available.
Enable this fillable-PDF in Settings > Forms and assign it to the Third-Party Company.


Applicable fields will be populated based on the patient profile or Insurance fields.

Updates.png More Release Updates | 2020-05-28

Telus eClaims: Now supports billing under a Supervising Practitioner
▪ JuvonnoComm:
New 'Reopening' Template added to library 
▪ Patient Portal: 'Days Allowed to Schedule Into' setting added
▪ Patient Portal: Account Settings renamed to Portal Profile
▪ General Settings: Moved 'Accounts Payable' to Modules section
▪ Cancellation Report: Identifies when a cancellation is made from the Portal
▪ Payments Received Report: Identifies a payment made on the Portal
▪ Quick Patient Creation: Added optional mandatory Default Clinic field
▪ Quick Patient Creation: Added optional mandatory Default Practitioner field
▪ Appointment Email Reminders: Added customizable content before email body
▪ Staff Profiles: Added Emergency Contact, Employment Hire & Seniority Date fields
▪ Staff Profiles: Added HST # field and Supervisor staff drop-down menu selection
▪ Send a Text Message: Updated with modern style for UI
▪ Products and Services: Added Revenue and Expense Account override
▪ Products and Services: Added Payable Tax Type option
▪ Custom Fields: Added Product and Service Custom Field options
▪ Patient Import: added Referral Type, Referral Date and Custom Fields
▪ Product/Service Import: added Tax, Duration, eClaims Code, Practitioner Type
System Update: General Settings Text Reminder options display when disabled
System Update: JuvonnoComm no longer saves 'blank' message body
System Update: JuvonnoComm displays corrected total successful Text Messages
System Update: Patient Portal booking availability with multiple 'Aways' revised
System Update: Patient Portal Transactions tabs are hidden with Toolbar setting 
System Update: Patient Portal booking by Service/Date displays all dates
System Update: Complaints can be added while Charting when none already exist
System Update: Complaints display in their correct field when reviewing a Chart
System Update: Manually sent Text Messages store in Patient Profile System SMS log
System Update: Text Messages log's revised to split successful and error status
System Update: Commissions can now be applied to $0 Products/Services
System Update: Next Appointment icon now displays correct date in sequence

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