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  ⇆  Patient Portal Intake Forms


New notification system added to the portal to ensure patients complete their intake. 
Any administered intake form will display in a prompt for the patient to complete.



Enable the mandatory setting in Settings > General > Portal to prevent patients from scheduling appointments without completing their intake forms.



  ⇆   General System Settings

A reorganization of General System Settings provides easier access and functionality.
Customize which accordion sections are open/closed by default to simplify navigation.


To further hide certain sections from view, adjust them in the Modules tab.
See further setting moves and adjustments updated here.


  ⇆  Chiropractic Virtual Services with eClaims

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to evolve and a new normal of physical distancing takes hold, many practitioners are finding new ways to treat their patients.


Telus eClaims has prepared resources to explain how you can leverage eClaims when conducting virtual consults. Access the resource PDF directly for more info here.



  ⇆  User Types


Grant or Restrict access to Voiding Invoices and/or Deleting Payments.


Adjust this permission in Settings > User Types
The user will be required to log out and back in for changes to take affect.



  ⇆  Juvonno Subscriptions

Patients can now see a more detailed view of each subscription type.
They are able to adjust their subscriptions using the preferences link on all emails.


Updates.png More Release Updates | 2020-04-30

▪ Text Messages: Clinic filter added to log for messages linked with locations
▪ Billing Tab: Bill Patient or 3rd Party includes appointment product/service
▪ Patient Cleanup: Added a loading functionality to help with large databases 
▪ Practitioner Profile: Added Supervisor Employee ID, Emergency Contact
▪ Practitioner Profile: Added Hire and Seniority Date selection
▪ Staff Import:
Added Staff Group, Supervisor Employee ID, Emergency Contact
▪ Staff Import: Added Start, Hire and Seniority Dates and Custom Fields capability
▪ Staff Import: Added Default Location, and HST #
▪ General Settings: Moved Appointment and Notification Emails to 'Email & Reminders'
▪ General Settings: Added option to Enable/Disable Text Reminders
▪ General Settings: Moved Company settings out, merged with Locale and Logo
▪ General Settings: Product and Services attribute setting adapted as a module
▪ General Settings: Off-Site Access setting moved to end of Patients tab
▪ General Settings: Added both Save and Quit links to header
System Update: Help Module now shows/hides all help Help_Icon.png icons in the system
System Update: Reschedule Notification Email now sends to 'new' practitioner
System Update: Aged AR by Date report PDF downloads in correct format
System Update: Company logo image now resizes to fit screen and has a thin border
System Update: Comprehensive Sales report PDF downloads in correct format
System Update: Patient Portal Sign-Up's Date of Birth selection menu revised
System Update: Patient Portal Availability selection fixed when breaks apply
System Update: JuvonnoComm now scales cleaner for Mobile / smaller screens
System Update: JuvonnoComm Text Message 'Sample' omits campaign status
System Update: JuvonnoComm prevents saving/sending if body contents are empty
System Update: JuvonnoComm Birthday template no longer duplicates emails
System Update: Follow-ups tab's practitioner filter revised
System Update: Staff Custom Fields drop-down menu corrected

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