How to Create a JComm Campaign

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 Campaigns are created from a template or customized entirely.

a) Campaigns | Type

First, select to create either an Email or Text Message campaign.


Email campaigns have the benefit of various formatting options and the ability to include images and hyperlinks (text or image that links to a URL).

Text Message campaigns will have a much higher count of being read by recipients but are limited to text only. Each text message has a max character count of 160 characters. Surpassing past that amount will send multiple text messages.

Note: If creating a Text Message campaign and including the Booking Link and/or Rating link, each link will be sent as its own message, thereby adding to the message count per send.

b) Campaigns | Templates

There are various preset templates available to get your campaigns started. Each will include preset settings based on the template's goal and can be customized.


Appointment Follow-Up
Send a friendly post-appointment message to patients and remind them how to easily re-book.


AR Reminder (60 Days)
Remind patients to pay their accounts receivable balance after 60 days have passed without payment.


Benefit Reminder
A reminder to patients to book a visit before their insurance benefits expire.


Birthday Greeting
Send a birthday greeting message the day of the patient's date of birth.


COVID-19 Protocols
Send pre-appointment instructions regarding your clinic's COVID-19 protocols.


First Appointment Survey
Ask new patients to rate their first visit.


General Announcement
A general announcement sent to all subscribed patients.


Google Reviews
Collect Google reviews post-appointment with this simple email template.
Google reviews help build trust and credibility, improve SEO, and offer insight through feedback.


Holiday Greeting
A holiday greeting to extend your best wishes to patients and announce your clinic's holiday hours.


Intake Reminder
Remind new patients to complete their intake forms before their appointment.


Lapsed Patients 30 Days
Remind patients you haven't seen in over 30 days to schedule a visit.


Lapsed Patients 60 Days
Remind patients you haven't seen in over 60 days to schedule a visit.


Post-Treatment Advice
Share post-treatment instructions with patients with this template.
Be sure to select the correct Item # in the settings.


Referral Appreciation
A thank you message sent to existing patients that referred a new patient.


Welcome Post-Appointment
A friendly welcome greeting sent after a patient's first completed appointment.


Welcome Pre-Appointment
Welcome new patients and help them feel prepared for their first appointment.
Use this message to share pre-treatment instructions, and direct them to the patient portal to finish setting up their profile, and submit intake forms online.


Start from scratch and customize the campaign to your preference.


c) Campaigns | Triggers

Triggers are actions that must take place to send out a message.
Here are the various triggers you can use with your campaign.


Note: Certain triggers are restricted to the template selected.

1) Appointment
These triggers are based on patient appointments. 
Select if it's based on the first appointment, every appointment
or the last appointment as of 30, 60, 90 or over 90 days ago.

2) Balance Owing
This is based on a patient's receivable after a specified amount of days pass

3) Cancellation
This is based on any patient's cancelled appointments
that do not have future appointments scheduled.

4) Custom Date
This option allows for a custom date to be entered to send on.

5) Date of Birth
This is based on the patient profile's date of birth.

6) Insurance Reset Date
This is based on the patient profile's insurance's reset date.

7) Invoiced Item
This option provides a type-to-search field to indicate
which product/service being invoiced is applicable to this message.

8) New Patient Profile Creation
This is based on a new patient profile being created.

 d) Campaigns | Audience

Set which patients are to be involved in the campaign. By default All Subscribed Patients is assigned, which filters out active patients that have unsubscribed from receiving Jcomm communications.


To customize your patient list, select Create a New Patient List from the Audience tab.


Select from a variety of patient filters, set your parameters, name your list and save.
Once a patient list is saved, it's added to the Audience selection to use with any campaign.

Patient Status can also be assigned to generally filter the campaign further.
By default only Active patient profiles are included in Jcomm's campaigns.

 e) Campaigns | Scheduling

This setting controls when to send the message, based on the trigger.
Based on the template & trigger selected, there will be certain send options available.


i.e. The Date of Birth trigger will populate the Send On date automatically to 'Day Of'.

 f) Campaigns | Start & End Date

These dates are where you can control the start/stop date of the campaign.

By default, the Start Date will populate with the present day, but can be
set to a future date to have the campaign begin then instead,

The End Date will schedule the deactivation of the campaign. Alternatively, enable the Ongoing checkbox to have the campaign running until manually deactivated.

g) Campaigns | Call to Action


Portal Booking Link:


Enable this checkbox to include a 'Book an Appointment' link at the
end of the message. This link directs the user to the Patient Portal.

Note: This link's clicks are tracked in campaign reports as CTR.

Rating Link (1-5 Stars):


Enable this checkbox to include rating links at the end of the message.
Patients can select from one of the faces to rate their appointment.

A confirmation of their selection will display:


Once they have submitted feedback, they cannot make any changes.
Note: This link's ratings are tracked in campaign reports.

i) Campaigns | Overview


Select to Activate or Inactivate the campaign.
Only a saved campaign can preview the audience results and be activated.
Before activation, a Preview will display estimated results based on the first date of the campaign.

Send a Sample Message
Enter your email address or phone number to have an immediate sample of the message sent with generic data populating the patient tags. Test out your design and check layouts across different devices.

See Campaign Audience Queue
Enter a date to simulate a log of patients that match the campaign's criteria. See a total number of patients that are queued for that day.

View Campaign Report
This is a link to view the campaign's sending details, stats, error logs and more. This page can be directly accessed from the main Jcomm dashboard.



Additional Notes


1) Once a campaign is sent once, you cannot change its Type (email/text)

2) Any messages that were not sent due to errors are logged in the reports

3) A campaign will attempt to resend the unsent message throughout the day

4) A max of approx 20,000 messages can be sent (per system) in a single day.
Any messages queued but not sent due to this max will attempt to be sent the following day.

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