How to Edit Email and SMS Appointment Reminders

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1. Navigate to: Settings > General > System > Email & Reminders 

Here you will find two sections to edit: SMS Messages and Appointment Emails:





Your SMS messages cannot have more than 160 characters including the characters that will populate within the tags or the text message will not send. We suggest you keep the number to 130 to account for spaces and text that will be auto populated based on the tags you use.


2. Within your settings, you will see examples of "Tags" you can use to auto-populate information the following information into your messages:

  • {apptdate} Add the appointment date (ie. Mon Mar 16th at 2:45pm)
  • {clinicname} Add the name of the clinic where the appointment is scheduled.
  • {patient} Add the name of the scheduled patient.
  • {practitioner} Add the name of the first practitioner scheduled in the appointment.

3. If you edit this section, be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page and "Save".

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