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  ⇆  JuvonnoComm


The right message to the right patients at the right time with automated messaging.


Schedule a campaign, set your conditions and save.

1.jpg Automate and send mass messages via email or text

2.jpg Customize and schedule campaigns based on a variety of triggers

3.jpg Set the Earliest and Latest send time for message delivery 

4.jpg Simplified reporting to measure campaign's success

Learn more about this feature's possibilities and steps to get started here.



  ⇆   Phzio Telehealth

Phzio is now integrated and extends your traditional practice into an online practice.


Patients log on from their home computer and follow a video of the exercises your physical therapist has prescribed to the patient. Your PT will monitor the patient and provide real-time feedback, answer questions, and perform live movement testing via a live camera feed or text messaging.

This ensures proper form and safety with all the exercises and the accountability aspect ensures patient compliance. The ease and convenience of utilizing the Phzio platform saves your patients time and hassle.

Learn more on how to set up your Juvonno system with Phzio here.



  ⇆   Subscriptions

New messaging subscription settings available within the patient profile.


Patients can also access and adjust their subscriptions using the link on all emails.


Set your system's default settings to affect all new patient profiles created
in Settings > General > System > Subscriptions


  ⇆   Patient Cleanup

New feature added to automate patient profile inactivation.
Utilize this scheduled tool that can keep your active patient list up-to-date.


Enable this tool's automation and set your preferred number of days
in Settings > General > System > Patients


At the start of every month, this tool will scan through all of your patients 
and deactivate those that had no activity in your system within the custom range.

Note: Inactivity is based on having no scheduled appointments, no receivables and
the profile not having been created within that set number of days. 

Alternatively, you can also manually run this tool by navigating to the Patient Search 
and selecting Patient Cleanup.

Note: Only Level 2 Admins can view/perform a manual Patient Cleanup.


  ⇆  Patient Portal

The portal schedule will now prompt and direct the patient to the next available date.


This update saves patients time and effort in their search for availability.



  ⇆  Tax Setting Updates


Optional per clinic tax options added to override Company tax settings. 
This setting is found in Settings > Clinics > Accounting.


A Tax Exemption toggle has also been added to exempt taxes on checkout. 
This setting is enabled in Settings > General > System > Accounting.




  ⇆  Credits

Credits can now be applied between patient profiles.
Type-to-search by patient name or credit memo within the Receive Payment window.




  ⇆  Chart Practitioner Signature Footer

Practitioner's signatures uploaded into their profile can be included in charts.
The footer will display the signature, salutation, full name and credentials.


Enable this footer in Settings > General > System > Patients > Charts


Updates.png More Release Updates | 2020-03-31

▪ Clinic Statistics Report: Added PVA Calculation and New Patient count
▪ Comprehensive Sales Report: Added Balance Owing column to Excel output
▪ WCB Chiropractor Progress Form: Added fillable-PDF to library
▪ Alberta Health Form: Updated Treatment Plan to fillable-PDF
▪ Alberta Health Form: Updated Progress Report to fillable-PDF
▪ Alberta Health Form: Updated Concluding Report to fillable-PDF
▪ WCB Chiropractor Progress Form: Added fillable-PDF to library
▪ WCB Chiropractor Progress Form: Added fillable-PDF to library
▪ Appointment Email Reminders : Added general enable/disable toggle setting
▪ Appointment Email Reminders:
Subject includes clinic name rather than company
▪ Appointment Email Reminders: Toggle setting added for Practitioner credentials
▪ Appointment Email Reminders: Toggle setting added for Map Image/Link
▪ Patient Portal: Toggle setting added for Practitioner credentials
▪ Quick Invoice: Warning prompt added when no Practitioner is attached
▪ Manitoba Health: Added Tariff 78321: Virtual Visit for all Specialties
▪ Patient Insights: Added Upcoming Appointment Filter and Detail
▪ Patient Insights: Added Last Appointment Date Range Filter
▪ Patient Insights: Added Third-Party Company Group Filter
▪ Patient Insights: Added Treatment Plan Status Filter
▪ JuvonnoComm: Added an Announcement Template
▪ JuvonnoComm: Added Campaign Summaries prior to Activation
▪ JuvonnoComm: Added option to Archive Campaigns
▪ JuvonnoComm: Added Change Log tracking to Campaign edits made
▪ JuvonnoComm: Updated Sample link to have Date entry removed
System Update: Patient-less Appointments can now be cancelled/deleted
System Update: $0 Checkout no longer display Receive Payment window
System Update: Chart PDF export with only Appointment Date revised
System Update: Chart PDF export with only Appointment Date revised
System Update: HCAI Invoice Adjuster Replies removed duplicate logs
System Update: HCAI Invoice # Reference with Adjuster Replies revised

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