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Transform the way you communicate with your team and your patients. JComm gives you the platform to effectively and efficiently reach your entire community.


Email & SMS Campaigns

Use email & SMS campaigns to stay connected to your patients after their visit and get them rebooking. With email & SMS campaigns, you can create a variety of campaigns from an existing template or by customizing from scratch! Email & SMS Campaigns offer:


Over 70 fully customizable templates 

For birthday greetings, insurance reminders, satisfaction surveys, payment requests, lapsed patient outreach campaigns, and so much more.


Message Automation

Set it and forget it. When a patient meets your campaign parameters, for example birthday greetings, JComm does it’s magic and sends your message automatically based on the template and trigger type chosen.


Custom Triggers

Trigger your campaign messages to go out exactly when you want them to. Triggers are any events that must take place for your message to send, for example: Every appointment booked, last appointment xx days ago, balance owing, and so much more.


Target audience customization

Target specific groups of patients. You can be as broad or specific as you want with Juvonno’s Patient Insights tool

Call to action inserts

Any good marketing campaign needs a clear call to action. We’ve made it easy to add a Portal Booking or Rating link in your campaigns by simply checking off a box.


Book_an_Appointment.jpg   Rating_Link.jpg


See How to Create a JComm Email or SMS Campaign for more information and step-by-step instructions.


Management Features for Email & Text Campaigns

Campaign Testing

You are able (and encouraged) to run tests on your campaign before activation. Within the Campaign Overview tab, you'll find two options to do so.

Send a Sample Message

Use this option to send a sample of your email or text message to your personal (or clinic’s) email or phone for review. This helps in viewing the final result ahead of time on a phone or desktop, to edit formatting if necessary. Tags used in your message will display placeholder details.


Campaign Audience Queue

Use this option to preview how many total recipients are estimated to receive the campaign's message based on the 'preview' date entered. Also, you will be able to validate the formatting and tags found within the message as well as view the overall finished look of the design.


See How to Create a JComm Campaign Test for more information and step-by-step instructions.


Live Statistics

Live statistics give you a quick overview of how your chosen campaign is performing.

This tool will help keep track of:

  • Total Sent: Total messages successfully sent
  • Total Opens: Total messages opened by the recipient
  • Clicks: Total patients that clicked the 'Book an Appointment' link
  • Ratings: Average Rating submitted (when applicable)
  • Unsubscribed: Total patients that unsubscribed to JComm
  • Total Errors: Total messages not sent due to potential errors

Send Logs

Send logs can be filtered by Status (Success, Error, etc.) and/or Reaction (Click, Rate, etc.). Results include the date sent, date/time opened, if the portal booking link was clicked and more.


See How to access JComm campaign results for more information and step-by-step instructions.


Patient Two-Way Texting

When enabled, Two-Way Texting will allow you to:

  • Text patients and receive incoming texts straight to your Juvonno system 
  • View and reply to incoming messages from the schedule

See An Overview of Patient Two-Way Texting for more details.


Team Chat

Team Chat offers a messaging option that’s faster than email and allows you to:

  • See which team members are online at any time and chat 1-1 in real-time
  • Send and receive chats from your team no matter where you're located

See How to enable JComm's Team Chat Feature for further details


Team Mail

Team Mail is an in-app mail feature that’s more secure than email and allows you to:

  • Collaborate, compare notes, link files, and share patient records with your colleagues
  • Have recipients view urgent messages as soon as they log in
  • Saves all correspondence so it's searchable later

See How to send your staff a message using JComm's Team Mail Feature to learn more!


How much does JComm cost?

Our goal is to make JComm affordable for clinics of any size. Therefore we offer three flexible pricing plans to choose from. Each plan is available as an add-on to your Juvonno subscription. You can pay by the month and cancel at any time.



How do I subscribe?

Administrators can subscribe to JComm inside Juvonno by following these steps

Step 1

After logging in under your Administrator account, click on the JComm icon located on your left-hand navigation bar




Step 2

Once the pop-up window appears, click Select underneath the subscription plan that’s best suited for your practice. Then click Next



Step 3

Click OK and you’re ready to start using JComm



Further Reading

Now that you know the basics of JComm, you can start building your first campaign. In this section, you’ll find links to other articles that will help answer any questions you may have and an in-depth step-by-step guide to creating a JComm Email or Text Campaign.


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