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  ⇆  Appointment Email Reminders


Appointment Email Reminders now sport a brand new look and design.


Reminders include the practitioner's salutation and a map link to Google Maps.


Choose to include the portal link and product/services scheduled in: 
Settings > General > System > Email & Reminders



  ⇆   Meet Answerbot

Fast and relevant replies that serve you knowledge.
Help yourself and save time by using the latest addition to Juvonno's staff.

Answerbot is accessible within your Juvonno system, through the Chat link.
If a Juvonno support member is unavailable, Answerbot will be there to help!




  ⇆  A/R Appointment Icon

Setting has been updated to provide options for trigger preference of the icon.


Adjust the trigger in Settings > General > System > Scheduling > AR Icon.

Select whether to have the icon display on the schedule for only Direct (Patient) Receivables, Third-Party (Insurance) Receivables, both types (Yes) or none (No).


  ⇆  Treatment Plans


Further improvements added to the creation of Treatment Plans.


1.jpg Exhausted or Denied Treatment Plans are removed from Scheduling and Batching

2.jpg Type-to-Search ICD-9 codes will now display up to 50 results

3.jpg OCF-18 tab will now hide the Injury Guideline sub-menu based on it's selection

4.jpg OCF-18 PDF export revised for additional comments and checkbox formatting



  ⇆  Credits

Credits now have their original payment method listed for reference.
View the Payment Type in Patient Profile > History > Credits.


Or select View Payments & Reimbursements in Accounting > Credits.


Updates.png More Release Updates | 2020-02-21

▪ Consolidated Invoices
: are now sorted by patient and insurance first invoiced
▪ Appointment Statistics Report: toggle added to include/skip inactive practitioners
▪ Sales by Practitioner Report: added Balance Owing details to the CSV output
▪ Patient Statement Report: can now be filtered by Clinic/Location
▪ Patient Statement Report: Excel output now displays the location of each treatment
▪ Commissions by Practitioner Report: added option saves output in user's documents
▪ Telus Authorization & Consent Form: 2020 Version added to the Form library
▪ Billing Tab: will email all invoices billed if the default email invoice setting is enabled
▪ WSIB Low Back POC Care & Outcomes Summary: additional fields auto-populated
▪ WSIB Low Back POC Assessment Report
: additional fields auto-populated
▪ Patient Portal: Added 30, 60, 90 day options to 'Hours/Days Prior to Book' setting
▪ Medical Prescription: Added Dosage 'Units' type for selection
System Update: Receivables pagination (page selection) revised and fixed
System Update: Receivables no longer removes filters with page navigation
System Update: Patient Statement Report now displays the clinic's address
System Update: Exhausted/Denied Treatment plans hidden from appointments
System Update: Exhausted/Denied Treatment plans hidden from print batches
System Update: Appointment Claims result count totals claims instead of tariffs
System Update: Schedule Next Appointment with Multiple Practitioners revised
▪ System Update: Patient Portal Access Practitioner selection saves when adjusted
System Update: Patient Portal Access 'help' text restored
System Update: Manitoba Health Remittance Report access restored
System Update: NaN displaying on report totals has been fixed
System Update: Block Fee policy rules treat $0 Amount as Unlimited
System Update: Block Fee policy rules no longer display Detailed Category fields

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