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  ⇆  Patient Profile > History > Invoices Tab


Easily and quickly assign individual invoices as having been Batched & Sent.
Keep track of invoices you have taken care of and filter out sent invoices when needed.


Invoices that have been marked sent, will display a Paper-Airplane.jpg in place of the print batch icon.
Hover over this icon to display the date and user that performed the status edit.

Further information on Sent invoices


1) Patient Profile > History > Invoices:
a) Invoices set to Sent will display the Sent-Status-Icon.jpg icon and be individually batched.
b) Filter the invoice results by selecting 'Hide Sent Invoices'.
c) Undo the Sent status and batch by selecting 'Reset Invoice back to Created'
d) Invoice's history will log the user, date and time of the status adjustment
e) Hovering the cursor over a Sent Invoice displays the user and date of sent status
f) Statistics now also display the amount of Sent Invoices and Total Invoices

2) Accounting > Invoice Search
Filter the invoice results by selecting 'Hide Sent Invoices'.




 Note: You can just as easily undo the status. Learn more details here



  ⇆  Manitoba Health Billing


Further improvements added to the Appointment Claims search.


1.jpg Search your Appointment Claims by either the Earliest Tariff date or Invoice Date

2.jpg Search your Appointment Claims by Tariff Number

3.jpg Sort your Appointment Claims by Claim (Invoice) Date

4.jpg Sort your Appointment Claims by Tariff Number



 Note: Adjust the search method in Settings > General > System > Accounting > Billing



  ⇆  Line Item Sales by Practitioner

This report can now be filtered by one or more third-party insurance company.
Hold Ctrl while choosing more than one insurance to multi-select.


A Grand Totals row has also been added to the MS Excel output.




  ⇆  Arrived Tab

The Arrived Tab can be set to auto-refresh on each minute of the user's inactivity.


The Arrival listings are also now sorted by Arrival Time, rather than Appointment Time.



 Note: Enable this setting in Settings > General > System > Scheduling > Dashboards



  ⇆  Aged Patients

The Aged Patients report has been restored with performance enhancements.


The Excel output provides sort-able columns and results are filterable by Date Span.



 Note: For systems with large databases, this report may take 2-5 minutes to run.
            Please do not run it again while it is loading to avoid affecting the system.

Updates.png More Release Updates | 2020-01-15

▪ Telus eClaims
: Great-West Life relabeled to Canada Life
▪ Telus eClaims: Added BPA, GMS, GroupHealth and GroupSource insurers
▪ Telus eClaims: Added Manion & Wilkons as a Primary Insurer
MPI Chiro Billing: Set a default Claim Code in settings to populate on all claims
Manitoba Health: Premium tariffs now auto-calculate on claims based on duration
Manitoba Health: Dashboard widget now links to the Remittance by Date Report
▪ Transactions Import now treats over-payment amounts as a credit
Schedule Next Appointment setting added to add or ignore product/services
Schedule Next Appointment copies over the complaint, schedule type and duration
▪ Print Schedule now displays the patient's chart # rather than the appointment #
▪ Chart PDF Export now includes an option to remove the chart date from the PDF
System Update: Consolidated Invoice for MPI now supports Block Fee Insurances
System Update: Telus-side update fixes issues with submitting to Canada Life
System Update: Block Fee Insurance now correctly adheres to start/end dates
System Update: Batched Invoices no longer display 'Add a Payor' text
System Update: Internal messages notifications clear after being opened
▪ System Update: Receivables now display all results when filtered by patient
System Update: Disabled inaccessible/expired modules in all systems
System Update: Editing Recurring Appointments no longer removes product/service
System Update: Massage Therapy 2 chart 'Seated' checkbox revised
System Update: Day End report's Open Appointments list includes deleted patients
System Update: OCF-18 Part 4 checkbox corrected in PDF output
System Update: OCF-18 tab revised to display/hide applicable fields
System Update: Product & Service Margin % calculations adjusted
System Update: All Cancelled Appointments link to their Cancellation notes

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