How to save the downloaded file on your computer to submit to MB Health (IE)

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Before you create the submission file in Juvonno for download and submission to MB Health you must make sure you have the download file being directed to the correct location.

You will be using Internet Explorer as the browser as it's the only browser Manitoba Health can work with.

How to create the file on your computer to save the Submission File

Go to Internet Expolorer.

Click the 3 dots located in the top right corner of the browser ...


Select Downloads option if the Downloads do not have the option "Choose where downloads go" go the Settings option.


Select "Choose where downloads go"


The popup page will show you where you currently have your downloads going.


Select the "Change" button to change the location.
You want to save your Juvonno Submission Files in the C drive in a file you have created called Manitoba health. Don't put any spaces.

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