How to create a tip and invoice for a tip

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Often times a client will provide a tip after they have already paid.

First create a Product & Service item called tip. 

Leave the "Retail" field empty and enter the dollar amount at the time of creating the invoice.

To create the tip invoice go to the Home page, Billing tab and create a Quick Invoice.


Step 1.

Create the Product & Service item

Navigate to Setting>Products & Services Section>Products & Services


Step 2.

Select New Item.



Step 3.

You will get the Product & Services edit page.



In the Department field select the correct Department Service for example Other.


In the Category field select, for example, Services.


In the Name field enter Tip. In the Item # allow Juvonno to auto generate the number or enter a custom number.

In the Retail field enter $0.00 to allow you to enter the amount of the tip when creating the Quick Invoice.


How to Create a Quick Invoice

Step 1.

From the Home page, Billing Tab, select Quick Invoice located in the far right side of the page.



The quick invoice popup will open.


Step 2.

Enter the Patient name, Clinic and Practitioner.

In the Qty. Item# section start typing Tip and select it from the options.

Enter the amount of the tip in the Amount/Total field and then select Checkout.




Step 3.

You will get the Receive Payment popup.

Enter the amount of the tip and the method of payment and select Apply Payment.






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