How Staff Access Levels Help Maintain Privacy & Compliance

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Most governing regulations address the rights of patients to access their own health information and tied tightly to those issues are privacy concerns when clinic practitioners and other staff have access to electronic health data.

In most cases, patients have the right to a view and receive a copy of their health records, however the unauthorized access, viewing, distribution or other form of use of said data is unlawful.

This means that chart access permissions are a critical component of being compliant. Juvonno recognizes all of these issues and in response, provides several levels of protection for patient health records.

With Juvonno's User Types, clients have complete control over which practitioners and staff have access to what part of the system.


These settings include (but are not limited to):

1 - Patients: Creating, Editing, Deleting Profiles and Charting

2 - Scheduling: Scheduling Appointments, Blocking Time Off, Viewing Pricing

3 - Settings: Access to all settings and preferences including User creation

4 - Reports: Ability to individually grant/restrict access to each Report

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