How to Get Started: Administrator Guide

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Before you begin: 

Bookmark your Juvonno URL

Open Google Chrome, enter your clinic's Juvonno URL and click the star in the search bar to Bookmark your Clinic's Juvonno URL


Note: Your clinic owner or administrator will provide you with this URL.


This is a collection of articles and videos for clinic administrators that are new to Juvonno. We recommend you learn this material before your clinic goes live:


1. How to create a Schedule Type and assign it to a practitioner

2. How to set up a User Type and assign it to a staff member

3. How to create Administrator Profiles


4. How to Create and Edit a Practitioner Profiles

5. How to create Patient Profiles

6. How to create products and services

7. How to book an appointment

8. How to complete and invoice 

9. How to complete and invoice an appointment paid with two payment types

10. How to cancel an appointment

11. How to refund a payment


You will now be familiar with the administrator features. 

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