How to Reconcile Telus Payments

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Juvonno will automatically apply payment for claim submissions that were accepted if the payor is the Clinic/Organization or Provider when the settings are defaulted to pay them off.

The setting is located under Settings>System & Company section>General>Integrated Apps>Telus Health Eclaims section.

Otherwise payment will need to be manually entered in for submissions that were acknowledged or under review, as Telus may require a short audit made on the claim - and in those cases, payment will always be sent to the patient.

A) Using Accounting, Invoice Search when Telus is set to automatically pay off the invoices upon submission.

1. Navigate to 


2. Select the search criteria for the insurance company you want to reconcile with.  In this example you will use the following seletions. An invoice created Sept. 13, 2023, Canada Life and the status is Paid.   You are searching these invoices to reconcile with your bank statement to ensure they match.



3. The items will appear at the bottom of the page for you to check.



B) Using Invoice Search - paying an individual invoice when telus is not set to auto pay off the invoices as you submit them.

1) Navigate to Accounting > Invoice Search.


2) Select search criteria such as the patient name or invoice #. You can add additional search items to locate the invoice.  Status, Practitioner, Third Party.  When completed making selections select Search.  The invoices related to your search will appear in a list.


3) Select the menu icon to the left of the invoice and choose "Pay Invoice".


4) In the Receive Payment window, choose your payment method then select Apply Payment.


5) Confirm the Payment by selecting OK.


7) You will get the invoice.


C)  Using the Invoice Tab to pay an invoice

1) Navigate to Patient Profile > History > Invoice tab.

2) Select the menu icon to the left of the invoice and choose "Pay Invoice".

3) In the Receive Payment window, choose your payment method.

4) Enter the payment amount and select Apply Payment.

5) Confirm the payment method and amount entered to pay.

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