How to Create a Third-Party Batch Invoice for a Patient

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Creating a Batch for a Single Patient

1) From the home screen, navigate to Accounting-Icon.pngAccounting using the sidebar menu.
    Under the Print Batching heading, select Create Batch Invoices.

A batch form pop-up window will open:


a) Type:

Third Party if batching invoices being paid by an insurance or third party
Direct if batching invoices being paid by the client (private)

b) Batch Name:
Type a name for the batch invoices as a reference. Names cannot be edited once saved.

c) End Date:
Type or select a date from the calendar. This is the last day included in the batch.

d) Include Paid Invoices?
Check this box if you want to include invoices that had payment applied towards them.

e) Include $0.00 Transactions?
Check this box if you want to include invoices with tracking dates used for MIG Blocks.

f) Patient Name:
Type-to-search a patient's name to only consolidate a single patient's invoices.
Leave this blank if you are batching invoices by a third-party and/or patient group.

g) Third Parties:

+ Third Party if batching a single or a select few insurance companies
+ Group if batching a user-created insurance group
+ All Third Parties if batching all insurances at once
x Clear All if you need to clear the list of third parties in the batch

h) Clinics:

+ Select Clinic if batching for a single or select locations
+ All Clinics if batching all clinics
x Clear All if you need to clear the list of clinics in the batch

i) Clinics Address:
   For multi-location clinics, select the address that will appear on all invoices within this batch.

j) Preview Individual Invoices:
Select this option if you would like a preview of the invoices the batch will include.

k) When finished entering the details listed above, select CreateBatch-icon.png

Learn more about batched invoices here.

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