How to Pay Batch (Multiple) Invoices at Once

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There are two areas in Juvonno you can pay multiple outstanding invoices.

1. Invoice Search page

2. Receivables page


1. Invoice Search - The video above provides the process of how to pay multiple invoices.


a. Navigate to Accounting>Invoice Search


b. Select from the search option to locate the invoices you want to pay.

You can do a search by Patient or by the Status field for example select "Receivables" and get a listing of all the receivables between the start and end date range you have selected.



c. Select the checkboxes to the left of the item you want to pay. Then down at the bottom in the actions field select "Pay" to pay the invoice/s off.


d. Select Submit.


e. The next popup will be the Receive Payment page.



f. The details will autopopulate based on what is being paid.


g. Select the Save button to complete the process.

h. The next popup will be a confirmation.  



i. Select Ok.


2. Receivables Page

a. Navigate to Home > Accounting > Receivables.




You will get the receivables listing.



b. Search for the patient.

c. Check the boxes to the left of the items you want to pay.

d. Scroll to the bottom of the page, from the With Selected field click Pay and then Submit.



e. The Receive Payment popup will open. Edit the payment details and select Save.



f. Confirm the payment amount and type of payment. Select OK.


g. You will get a batch statement of the transactions you just paid.  We suggest you print this for future reference.








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