How to Begin a New Patient Chart

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A Practitioner has several methods to create charts.

1) Using the Appointment Menu

Click on the appointment and select Previous Charts or New.




2) Using the Charting Tab

Select the Charting tab from the Schedule.




Note: Patient's appointment's set to Arrived will appear within this tab.



Select +New to access additional features.




3) Using the Patient's Profile

Open the Patient's Profile and select the Charts tab.


Select +Add located in the top-right corner of the page.


The Charts you have selected to use in the practitioner's profile will appear under the Observations tab.


3.  Select the chart you want to create.  Attach the Appointment date, and patient Complaint if it's applicable. Enter the data for the chart.  Select "Apply Changes" throughout creating the document to ensure you do not lose the chart in the event of a time-out or interruption of internet service.

4. Select the Save button when you have completed the chart.

5. The Chart will save under the Charts tab.

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