How to Begin a New Patient Chart

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A Practitioner has several methods to create charts.

1) Using the Appointment block Menu

Click on the appointment block and select New.



2) Using the Charting Tab

While logged in as a Practitioner and using the Standard Practitioner Dashboard, when the appointment has been set to Arrived the patient name will appear on the Charting tab. You can select the +New option to start charting.


Select the down arrow beside New for additional options.


3) From the New Practitioner Dashboard select the patient's appointment block on the left and on the right you will select "Add Chart".




4) Using the Patient's Profile

Note When using this option to create a new chart you will have the option to select the patient Appointment date located in the top right side of the page.

You are also able to create a new chart by opening the Patient's Profile and select the Charts tab. However we suggest the most effecient way to chart is using the methods above.


Select +Add located in the top-right corner of the page.


The Charts you have selected to use in the practitioner's profile will appear under the Observations tab.


Select the chart you want to create.  Attach the Appointment date, and patient Complaint if it's applicable. Enter the data for the chart.  Select Lock , Complete and Close or Exit. 



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