How to Delete a Payment Applied to a Batch

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Deleting a payment to an invoice that has been batched can be done from a few areas.


Delete Payment Link

  1. Accounting > Invoice Search
  2. Patient Profile > History > Detailed Billing
  3. Patient Profile > History > Invoices

Accounting > Invoice Search

a) When searching using the Print Batch filter,
select the invoice's menu of which payment was applied to.


b) Select View Payments: 

c) Select the payment you would like to remove and choose Delete Payment.

The print batch will also be updated with the payment removed from the invoice.

Alternative Methods to Deleting Payments

Detailed Billing tab:

1) Navigate to Patient Profile > History > Detailed Billing Tab .

2) Select the menu icon to the left of the invoice and select "View Payments & Adjustments".


3) Click the menu icon to the left of the payment and select "Delete Payment".


Payments tab:

1) Navigate to Patient Profile > History > Payments .

2) Select the View icon to the left of the payment.


3) Select Delete from the bottom right of the window. 




Note Deleting a payment will remove it from the invoice and void the payment. Voided payments can be found in Patient Profile > History > Payments using the Show Voided Payments filter.
  Deleting a payment from a batch deletes the payment from all the invoices within that batch.


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