How to Create a Third-Party Invoice for Primary and Secondary Insurers

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Notes  The Primary and Secondary insurers must be set up in the Patient profile Insurance tab.
  Telus does not bill secondary insurers through Juvonno.


The insurance records created in the patient's profile set as the 1st and 2nd insurance will automatically be selected when booking the appointment.


The insurance field on the appointment block will indicate "All Active Insurer's.


You will be able to click on the field and view the insurance companies set up in the patients profile.


1. Booking the Appointment

When booking the appointment the insurance field will be set to "All Active Insurers". Complete the booking fields and select Save.



2. Complete and Invoice
Select Complete and Invoice
3. Checkout
You will get the Check out window. When ready select Checkout.

4. No Invoice necessary

You will be prompted no invoice was necessary because Juvonno created 2 invoices 1 for the primary and 1 for the secondary insurance.





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