How to Add Insurance Claim Forms to the Checkout

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To prepare a claim form during the checkout process, the form must first be activated and then linked to the correct insurance company. This article will walk you through How to Add Insurance Claim Forms to the Checkout


Important: Forms must first be enabled in Settings prior to completing these steps.

Learn How to Enable Claim and Consent Forms


Step 1: Locate in Settings

Go to Settings then select Third-Party Companies under Companies & Contacts



Step 2: Open the Third-Party

From here select Open beside the Third-Party Company the form is associated with


Step 3: Activate the Form

Select Form and locate the matching insurance claim form then check Active to activate the form. You can also select AutoGen to have the form automatically filled-out when the associated Insurance is chosen at checkout.



The Form will be enabled and will available during Checkout after selecting Complete and Invoice or Invoice Appointment

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