How to Create Patient Labels?

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a. Go the Patients tab and select Advanced Search.
Select the Search criteria then select "Search".
At the bottom of the page, you will get a list of results.

b. You will see a Print Labels icon appear in the middle right side of the page.

c. Select the print icon.
A list of labels will appear that can be printed.
You must use the same # of labels per sheet as what appears (30 labels per sheet).

d. You can export it to a spreadsheet and make changes if necessary or print a sample copy.
You may want to print it to ensure it fits properly on the labels your using.


You can use a small single label printer such as the Dymo Labelwriter for these options.

a. On the Patient Tab.

b. Search for the Patient Name.

c. Click the icon to the left of the item and select Generate Label.


Go to Reports, Generate Labels where you can create individual labels using a label printer.

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