How to Manage Email Reminders Not Being Received

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If a Patient reports they did not receive a reminder, there are several places on Juvonno where Notifications, Email Reminders and Text Messages are stored.
Below are also some tips as to why the Patient may not have received a reminder.

1) Patient Profile
Open the patient profile, go to the Correspondence tab, System Emails.  
All outgoing emails for appointment notifications, email reminders and invoices are stored in this section.  Check this page to see if the email reminder was sent from Juvonno.
2) Patient Profile Appointment tab and Commmunications>Changes tab.
Open the Patients profile>History>Appointments tab.  Check the date the appointment was booked.  
Then go to the Communications tab>Changes tab.  Check to see if the patient's cell number or email address added after the date the appointment was booked.
If this is the case, the reminder will not be sent.  It will go from the date the cell number or emal address was entered on the profile.

3) Home Page, Communication tab
From the Home page, select the Communication tab located down the left side of the page.
Select "Appointment Reminders". 
All reminders are stored in this section.  
The status of the email is located in the "Status" field.

4) Default Patient Reminder
If the patient booked an appointment less than the time their email reminder is set for in their patient profile they will not receive an email.  
For example, the patient default reminder is set to 2 days prior, the patient books an appointment in less than the 2 day period, the patient will not receive a reminder.
If the patient has their reminder set to Text ensure the "Cell" number is set to the default and the format is like this (416) 222-2222 or the text will not be sent.

5) Reschedule
If the patient reschedules within that same 2 day period they will not get an email reminder.

6) Patient Profile, Default Reminder was changed
If the Default Reminder in the Patient Profile was changed for example from Text Message to an Email Reminder (using the same 2 day example above) the patient will not receive an email reminder they will still receive the Text reminder.  
Only appointments booked on the schedule after you change the Patient Default Reminder will be sent with that method. 
Any existing appointments booked on the schedule will still be sent the way they were originally booked unless you open each appointment and manually change them.

7) Schedule, View Appointment
From the schedule, click the appointment block and view "Appointment Details" to see if the "Patient Reminder" field was changed from the patient default just for that appointment.

8) Patients personal email
Ask the patient to check their junk and deleted folders.

9) Patient Unsubscribed or blocked number
The patient may have unsubscribed to receiving email reminders. 
The patient may have blocked the number the text reminders are sent from.

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