Patient Insights : Overview

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This report builder provides an intuitive solution to gather patient data.
Filter your patient list, control what data to export and save templates.



  1. Where is it?
  2. Step-by-Step Instructions
  3. Additional Notes
  4. Report Template Samples

where-sm.png Where is it?

Start by navigating to Invoice-Icon.png Reports.

Under the Report Builders heading, select Patient Insights.




complete-sm.png Step-by-Step Instructions

1) Start by adding a filter using the Add Filters button, under Report Filters.



The Filter List window will display, with all of the available filters to select from.
Select the + to add the filter to the Report Filters section.


Once added, the filters require further detail, such as a date range.

The options vary depending on the filter:



2) Proceed to Report Includes and select which data to include in the report. 


Select the Checkbox.png checkbox next to a category to include all within the group 

or use the Down-Arrow.png down-arrow to individually choose which criteria to include.


3) Next, enter in a Report Title in Report Details. (Description is optional) 
The Report Header displays the Title and Date of the report above the results.


4) Now that the report is ready, export to Excel format by selecting Build.


5) Finally, select Save_New.png to add it to your list, under Reports.


Additional Notes



1) Saved Reports can be deleted using the - symbol under Reports

2) Saved Reports can be updated using the Update button

3) Filters can be removed using the - symbol next to each filter

4) Patient Profile Custom Fields will display in the Filter List 

5) Patient Profile Custom Fields will also display within Other Statistics


Report Template Examples


Active Senior Patients

1) Status = Active  
2) Age: From 65 to 120

Patient Group Last

Seen 3 Months ago

1) Status = Active
2) Patient Group = (User Preference)
3) Last Appointment = Over 90 Days ago

Patients with Insurances
Renewing in January

1) Status = Active 
2) Insurance Reset Date = January

Patients that were invoiced a specific product/service in a date range

1) Invoiced Product # = (User Preference)
2) Invoiced Date = (User Preference)
New Patients of a specific Group with specific Default Practitioner
1) Date Patient Created = (User Preference)
2) Patient Group = (User Preference)
3) Default Practitioner = (User Preference)

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