Where to find Telus EOBs and Payment References

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Telus eClaims EOBs (Explanation of Benefits)


1) Using an Admin Level 2 login, navigate to the Accounting tab
2) Under the Telus heading select Transaction History
3) Click the menu icon to the left of a statement to view the EOB

Note Statements for voided invoices are also voided and will not display correctly.

Patient Profile

1) Open the Patient Profile and select Documents
2) Filter by the Category "Billing Submission"

Any eClaims-related statements (EOBs/ACKs) will appear within this category.


Patient Profile

Open the Patient Profile, History, Invoices tab and view the Invoice.  Telus is indicated on the invoice.


From the schedule, select a Telus-billed appointment and choose "View Invoice".

Payments Received Report

 Go to Reports, Payments Received and select "Telus".  

Day End Report

Go to Reports, Day End Report.

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