Report : Sales by Practitioner

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This report displays sales statistics per practitioner.
Utilize it to keep track of your practitioner's sales.

where-sm.pngWhere is it?

Start by navigating to Invoice-Icon.png Reports.

Under the Sales heading, select Sales by Practitioner.


complete-sm.pngEnter in the details

Complete the Report Parameters in the available fields.


Click here for more about what each field represents.

Start/End Date

Enter the date range for the report

Select to include individual or all Practitioners
Select to export to either Summary/Detailed PDF or CSV



Note: Output to CSV to be able to custom sort the report data.


sample-sm.pngDetailed CSV Report Sample:

Click on the image to view a larger sample of the excel output.


Columns & Calculations

Click here for more about what each field represents.
  • Invoice Date (Date the invoice was created)
  • Appt. Date (Appointment date)
  • Invoice # (Auto-assigned invoice number)
  • Patient (Full name & invoiced item(s))
  • Referred By (Patient's Referral Type)
  • Payor Type (Payor assigned to the invoice)
  • GST/PST/HST (Taxes - if applicable)
  • Price (Invoiced item cost by payor)
  • Paid (Amount paid by payor)
  • Paid By (Payment type)
  • Payment Date (Date and time payment applied)



Note: The Price column breaks down each invoice by service/product divided by Payor type, if applicable.

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