Administrator Profile Availability Tab

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Tip Administrator's Schedules can be created for personal use, and will display within the administrator's own Dashboard-Icon.png Dashboard in a one-day calendar form. Schedule-types are not necessary to attach to an administrator's availability.


1. Where is it?

Step 1

Navigate toSettings-Icon.pngSettings. Under Staff, choose Administrator.


Step 2

Click Open.png next to the user and select the Availability tab.


2. Standard Availability

This reflects an administrator's recurring schedule on a weekly basis based on Effective (start) dates and End dates. Start and end dates must be entered and in chronological order to avoid issues with certain reports.


Step 1

Selecting  Menu-Icon.png provides options to Edit or Delete a created schedule.

Step 2

Here's an Availability of Monday - Friday 9AM - 6PM with a break from 12PM - 1PM.




Step 3

To create a new availability click on the +Add button.


Step 4

Set a recurring daily/weekly schedule Effective (start) and End date.



Tip To select more than a single time slot at once, select the start time, hold down the shift key and click the end time. All the slots within the range will be selected. Select the X to clear the full day of availability.



This schedule is available to Administrators on their Home Page, Dashboard tab.


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