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Navigate to Settings>Staff section - Practitioners.


Click the open button next to the Practitioner.


Select the TELUS Health tab. 


Note Make sure you have first enabled the Telus module in Settings.

The fields required to be completed will open in the window.


Learn more about what each field represents


License #

Enter the staff's License number
CPR Provider #

Enter the CPR Provider number obtained from Telus Support Health desk.

Username / Password

Enter the staff's username and password. This is the Username and Password that is used to log into the Telus portal when submitting claims for this practitioner.  Keep in mind, Telus requires you to change your login from time to time, when you do that, you must update the practitioners username and password in Juvonno as well or claims will fail.

License Issuer

Select from the drop-down menu which License Issuer applies to the staff member.

License Type

Choose whether the staff member is licensed individually or a part of a clinic.

Practitioner Tye

Selection an option from the drop down menu.
Add Another License

Use this link to add an additional license if the practitioner has more than 



If the practitioner has more than 1 licens you will click the Add Another License and enter their second license information.


The next window will display another license box where you will enter the practitioners data and Save at the bottom of the page.



If you have more than 1 location you will enter the details for each location in it's own window under the Clinic section.  The example below shows 2 locations, 1 is for Clinic Rehab and 1 is for Mississauaga Location.  Enter the details relevant for each location.  Save at the bottom of the page.



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