Practitioner Profile Login Tab

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Navigate to Settings>Staff section>Practitioners.

Click Open next to the user name and select the Login tab.


Learn more about what each field represents


Username / Password

Enter the user's username and password.
Once saved, both can be edited from this tab by a user with assigned access.

User Type

Select from the preset or custom user types.
Learn more about creating user types here.

Two- Factor Authentication

Enable this or reset it when necessary.

Practitioner Access

Choose what level of access the practitioner will have towards patient profiles. This can be specific to whether they are assigned as the patient's default practitioner, or when they are part of the patient's active treatment plan.
Block Employee
If you would like to restrict access to a user,(perhaps after employment termination) you are able to block them from logging in.
Last Logged In
This will display the last date, time and location (IP Address) the user was logged in.


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