How to Create Contacts for MB Health Managed Billing

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Your Juvonno system already has the Contact Referral Doctors imported. However, you may have to enter a Contact/Referral Doctor that is not already in the system.

Where are Contacts/Referral Doctors Located? 

1. Patient Profile, Contacts Section

Open the Patient Profile and scroll down to the "Contacts section".

Simply start typing the name of a Contact/Referred By Doctor in the Referred By field and select from the drop down options.




At the end of the Referred By field, click the down arrow and select "Add". 




Enter the details for the Contact and Save.  

2. Contacts are also located within a Claim

From the Home page select "New Claim".

On the right side of the claim screen under "Claim Details" section you will see the "Referred by" field.

Start typing the name of the referral in the blank field and select from the options.


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