How to Approve Pending Commissions and Record a Payment

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  1. Where is it enabled?
  2. Pending Commissions
  3. Commissions Payable
  4. Record Payment
  5. Refunds



1.  Where is it Enabled?

Navigate to Settings>System & Company Settings Section>General>Modules>General Section>Commissions.

This also activates the Commissions section in Accounting.

Sequence of Set up

1. Settings, System & Company Settings Section>General>Modules>General section>Commissions.

2. Practitioner Profile Setup with the commissions tab

3. (Optional) Pending Commissions

4. Optional) Commissions Payable


3 & 4 Optional - If your practitioners receive the same percentage amount across the board for all invoices you can use the Payments by Practitioner Report for a specific date range and calculate the percentage.  In this case you would not need the Pending Commissions or Commissions payable.


2. Pending Commissions

Note Pending starts calculating from the day and time you enter the commission them in the practitioner profile.  They are not retroactive.


Until transactions are set to approved, all commissions are listed in Accounting > Pending Commissions and in the Commissions by Practitioner report.

The pending feature is not mandatory but provides the workflow for clinics that would prefer to review commissions before approval and pay them out at specific intervals.


Go to Accounting Pending Commissions.


Sort your commissions using the available filters; by an individual Staff Member and/or Invoice Status. Provide a Start Date and End Date to perform your search.


Use the checkboxes next to the item/s if individually approving or voiding items.
Alternatively, you can quickly select/deselect all using the options above the item list.


To approve or void items, select from the menu next to With Selected and choose Go.


If a practitioner assigned to the commission is incorrect and requires reassignment, use the menu option next to the item to do so.



3. Commissions Payable

Once commissions selected as approved, proceed to enter payment using the Commissions Payable link.



Filter this list by choosing a Staff Member and selecting Search.



The Commissions payable link will take you to the list of items you can checkoff to pay.



Select the Staff member.

Check the checkboxes to the left of the items you want to pay.

Then select the GO button which will bring you to a popup to record the payment.



4. Record a payment

Once you selected Go you get a popup with a listing of the items you checked off to record on the payment with a total.  Enter a cheque # if it applies.  Select Save and Close when finished.




Tip To select more than 1 invoice hold down the control key and click on each invoice.

The Amount will update based on the invoices selected, however, this field can be adjusted if necessary. Enter a Cheque # for reference and select the Date payment was made.

When ready, select Save & Close or use Save & New to record another payment.

5. Refunds

Warning If you are using the commissions' feature for any practitioner within your system, you must refund invoices not void them to ensure the commission report reflects correctly. DO NOT edit the practitioner name on invoices from the Accounting, Invoice Search page as it will not update the commissions.



If you have already invoiced a patient, approved and/or paid a commission, you must refund the invoice using a Quick Invoice.  Re-create the invoice exactly as the original to ensure reports reflect correctly.

When refunding the item, make sure to add a minus sign before the Qty amount (i.e. -1), under the Product & Services section where you enter the item/service you are refunding. This will then create a negative amount.


Navigate to Accounting > Pending Commissions, select the checkbox to the left of the item and select Approve from the "With Selected" options.


In Reports > Commissions by Practitioner, You will notice the negative amount added that is NOT paid to the practitioner. Also, the Commission Payments report will no longer display the payment.


If your Practitioners/Doctors are paid the same commission across the board you can simply use the Payments by Practitioner to calculate their percentage.



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