How does the Charting Tab work with the Schedule?

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Your practitioners can access this tab to keep track of their patient's outstanding appointment charts once the patient has been Arrived on the appointment block.

From the home page they will see the charting tab.



detail-med.pngHow Does it Work?

When an appointment is set to arrived, the Charting tab will update with its details.

Selecting  New_Chart.png  will create a chart for the appointment.



Once a chart is completed and saved, it will be removed from the Charting Tab's list.

You can also use the Mark_as_Charted.png to the right of each item to manually mark it as charted.

The drop-down arrow next to +New provides further functions:


Learn more about what each field represents.


View Appointment

Displays the Appointment Booking details

Previous Charts
If previous charts have been completed, this will link directly to them.
Open Patient Profile
A shortcut to the Patient's Profile
Already Charted
If the chart was created on paper, or in another form outside of Juvonno, you may select this to mark it as charted, and therefore remove it from the list.


Tip Charting from either this tab (+New) or from the appointment's menu will correctly remove the chart from the list. If you happen to create a chart using the Patient Profile method, you will also need to mark it as 'Already Charted' manually. This also will affect the Chart Statistics report.


Practitioner dashboard

We suggest you chart from the Charting tab or the appointment block or if using the Practitioner Dashboard we suggest you chart from the Patient menu located on the right side of the page or from the appointment block to ensure the patient is removed from the charting tab.


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