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Resources are used to assign rooms, modalities or any other reserved items that have limited availability at any one time.



Note: Enable the Resources setting within this area of the system.

where-sm.pngWhere is it?

Start by navigating to Settings-Icon.pngSettings.

Under the System Entities & Types heading, select Resources.



On the top-right of the page, select New_Resource.png .

Complete the fields to your preference and select Save.


Learn more about the individual fields

Enter in a code by preference


Enter in the resource's title and label


Select the clinic or location to assign the resource to.

Scheduling Interval

The appointment length (this can be overridden if necessary).

Concurrent Appointments

Set the quantity of this resource (that can be used at once).


Enter in a brief description of the resource.


Note: Select the Menu-Icon.png icon next to the resource to edit or delete the entry.
 When deleting an entry, keep in mind you will NOT be prompted to confirm deletion.

Click here to learn how to use Resources once they are created.

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