How to Manage Alberta Provincial HLink Claim Submissions

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HLINK Overview

H-Link is an easy, fast, efficient way for health providers to do online business with the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP). H-Link is free to use. Claims are sent to the AHCIP office by accredited submitters who are approved to use H-Link.

HLINK Manual

This manual outlines the technical and business requirements that must be met in order for individuals or organizations (a group of practitioners or an Accredited H-Link Submitter) to become a "submitter" for sending claim transactions in electronic format to Alberta Health and receive files from Alberta Health.

The first portion of this manual deals with the "Business Accreditation" process pertaining to becoming a submitter. This includes what documentation must be completed, what the submitter responsibilities are prior to and after accreditation.

The latter part of this manual describes the "Technical Accreditation" information such as hardware and software requirements, claim submission and retrieval formats and the communication process with the Alberta Health mainframe computer utilizing communications software.

Here's a direct link to Alberta's HLink Details:
HLINK Electronic Claims Submission Specifications

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