How to Invoice without an Appointment (Quick Invoice) 🎥

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The Quick Invoice function creates invoices without appointments.

There are three areas in Juvonno where you can create a quick invoice.


1) From the header, select the Quick_Menu.png button.  Under Sales, select Quick Invoice.

2) Navigate to the Billing tab from the Schedule.  The Quick Invoice button is located on the top right side of the page.



3) Navigate to Home > Accounting > Billing section - Invoice Search > New Quick Invoice.



1) Select the Quick Invoice option from any of the locations mentioned above.

2) Complete the required fields necessary for the invoice.

3) Complete the invoice details for the product or service then select Checkout to proceed to the Receive Payment page.





Tip If you have frequent walk-ins and don't want to create an invoice with a patient name on each invoice you can create a patient profile with a generic First and Last name such as "Client Purchase". Enter generic details into the mandatory fields. Whenever you create an invoice for a client that you do not have in your system you can use this patient file for the transaction.


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