How to Import HCAI's Insurance List & Injury Codes

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Follow this guide to add all HCAI Insurance companies to your system and make them accessible to invoice and use with treatment plans.


Quick Links:


Import/Update Insurance List


Create an Insurance Group


Import/Update Injury Codes


Import/Update Insurance List



Under the Accounting Tab, Health Claims for Auto Insurance section, Modules, you must have the Facility #, Username and Password, Confirmed Password entered and Saved first.




1) Navigate to Accounting-Icon.pngAccounting.
Under the Health Claims for Auto Insurance heading, select Sync Insurer List.




2) If you have multiple clinic locations, choose any HCAI connected clinic from the drop-down list. Select Sync Insurers. 



The results will display after a moment, confirming the import and the quantity added/updated.



Create an Insurance Group

1) Navigate to Settings-Icon.pngSettings.
Under the Companies and Contacts heading, select Third-Party Company Groups.




2) Select + New Group and enter the name MVA (or of your preference)
Make sure to check-on HCAI MVA Insurers. Select Save.




3) Select • Third-Party Companies from the top-right.
Open.jpg the companies to assign the MVA Group you have created. Select Save.





 Note: If you notice duplicate company names and are not sure which to assign to the group, be sure to only include those that have an 'HCAI Branch' and/or 'HCAI Insurer' number entered.




Import/Update Injury Codes

1) Navigate to Settings-Icon.pngSettings.
Under the System Entities and Types, select ICD Codes.



2) Notice the available actions located at the top-right:


Click each link to update the corresponding lists.



Your Insurance Companies and Injury Codes are now updated.

Continue to HCAI : Treatment Plans for an overview on the creating and completing of treatment plans. 

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