How to adjust a Patient's Chart Number

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You may have accidentally entered in a patient chart number manually and now the numbers do not appear as expected.



When manually entering patient chart numbers, ensure you are in the correct field and you have entered a valid chart number.  Be careful not to add a health care or phin number in this field.

You are able to adjust the chart numbers that appear in patient profiles by editing settings.

Renumber Chart Number in Settings

1. Go to Settings>General>System>Patients.

2. Under the Patients section Auto Assign Chart #, select "No".

3. Now open any Patient profile.

4. Under their  "General" tab, click the Renumber link.

5. A pop up will open where you can reassign the chart number.

6. Go through the profiles you want to change or, you can start the numbering from this point.

7. To auto assign chart numbers after you have fixed the chart #'s that were incorrect, go back into the settings and reset the auto assign chart numbers.

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