Report : New Patients

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This report displays a list of new patients with this specific data
Utilize it to its potential and stay up-to-date on when Patient Profiles were created.


where-sm.pngWhere is it?

Start by navigating to Invoice-Icon.png Reports.

Under the Statistics heading, select New Patients.


complete-sm.pngEnter in the details

Complete the Report Parameters in the available fields.


Parameters Explained

Click here for more about what each field represents.
Start/End Date

Enter the date range for the report

Select individual or all practitioners

Clinic Select the clinic (if in a multi-clinic setting)

Seen by

Check this if you would like to only include new patients that had completed appointments

Include First
Invoice Amount

Check this to include the first invoice amount

Select to export to PDF or Excel format


Note: Setting the Excel output allows for custom sorting and quick calculations.

sample-sm.pngReport Sample:

Click on the image to view a larger sample of the excel output.


Columns & Calculations

Click here for more about what each field represents.
  • Name (of Patient)
  • Phone Number (Set as Default)
  • Email Address
  • Group Type (of Patient)
  • Default Clinic (of Patient)
  • Treatment Completed (To Date)
  • First Practitioner (Seen by the Patient)
  • Referral Source
  • Family Physician (General Practitioner)
  • Clinic (Based on Patient Appointments)
  • Date Created (Patient Added into System)
  • First Appointment Created (User which scheduled the first appointment)




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