How to Manage Optometry-Related Sales Orders

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After you have created the invoice / dispensing page you will locate the sale order under Accounting, Sales Orders.

1. Go to Accounting>Billing Section - Sales Orders.  The Sales Order page lists the orders you created from the Dispensing page.


2. The "Order button" is used to actually create the order to send to the Vendor.


3. Select the Order button.  You will receive this popup. Select "Create Order".


4. The Order Button becomes the Order #. Click on the order to view it.


5. Select the “Update” button at the end of the item row to change the status.


Select the "Update" button and you will get this popup.


6. Select the "New Status" and enter "Notes" if required.


7. When the order comes in, the administrator can select the status as "Ready" for example. The clinic can call the patient and inform them the order is ready to pick up.

8. To see Sales Orders in a patients profile, open the patients profile, click the Charts tab. Select the +Add. Click the Dispensing History tab.

9. To see the purchase orders associated with the sales order, go to Accounting>Purchaser Orders.

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