How to Link the Patient Portal / Online Booking to Your Website

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Easily link your Juvonno portal to your clinic's website! Simply copy your Juvonno portal URL and embed it within the Book Appointment button on your clinic's website.



To embed the URL to the 'book appointment' button you must have administrative access to the website manager (WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, etc.)


Other locations your portal URL can be copied for bookings:

  • Twitter Bio
  • Instagram Bio
  • Facebook Bio
  • Facebook (booking)
  • LinkedIn Bio
  • Website Blog


Step 1 - Find your Clinics Public Appt Booking URL

Click the Settings tab, and select Clinics under System & Company Settings.


Step 2 - Copy the clinic's Public Appt Booking URL

Click Open next to the clinic, Scroll down and copy the Public Appt Booking URL.



Tip: If you are accepting online bookings for multiple clinics, you can have the clinic selection default to the appropriate clinic by repeating steps 1 & 2 for each clinic.


Step 3 - Embed URL(s) to website button

Now you have all of your clinic’s 'Book Online' buttons ready to be added to your website. Use them to automate your patient booking process! Once you have the URL(s) for your portal, log in to your website builder and create a 'Book Now' button. 

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These buttons are often found on the (1) header/navigation bar on all pages (recommended!), (2) the footer that is on all pages, (3) the home page, (4) the about us page, (5) or the services page. Don't overwhelm your patients, but give them adequate places to book an appointment through your website link back to your Juvonno portal.

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