How to Create a Medication Rx Prescription

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1. Prescriptions are enabled under Settings, General, Modules, Advanced, Prescriptions, select Yes and Save.


2. Then go to Settings, General, Patients, Prescriptions and enable the Medication field to Yes and Save.


3. Open the Patient Profile.


4. Select the Prescriptions tab.



5. Then select the "Create" button the "Medication Rx".


6. You will get the Medical RX popup.



7. Enter the details for the Prescription.

In the Name field you can start typing in a medication, it will be pulled by the drug list that is uploaded to your system.


Once completed selected Save.

Once saved the prescription will appear under the Prescription tab.


8. Select the Info link to get more options.

You can Open and view the Prescription.

Print Details to print the item.


If you have SR Fax enabled yu will be able to fax the Prescription. 

If you have the Fax number in the patient profile under the Fax number you will be able to click on it and it will enter into the fax field.


If you have a contact in the patient profile under General Practitioner, Lawyer or Referred by, you can also cllick on it to populate.

NOTE: you can enter a pharmacy number under 1 of these 3 categories.



Fax form


You are able to Delete the Prescription.



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