How to Chart for Optometry-Related Patients

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The Practitioner Profile would have the Charts you will be using checked off under their Profile, Charting Tab. 


NOTE: We suggest you use the 1-Optometry Exam 3 Chart.


1. Arriving the Patient

From the Schedule click on the appointment block and select Arrived.

The patients information will appear under the Arrived tab.


2. Where to select the Chart Option

You are able to start Charting from the following locations:

A. Arrived tab


B. From the Appointment Block



C. Patient Profile>Chart tab.



3. Begin the Charting Process

Open the Patient Profile>Chart tab.

Select the  juvonno_chart_add_button.JPG button.

Select the Exam Chart tab to begin charting.

Select the radio button for the appropriate exam, Pre-exam, Partial Exam, Full Exam.




When you have created an exam chart for the first time, you will note when you view the column to the right of the exam fields will be blank because there was no previous history.



When a second chart is created the fields entered from the previous chart will appear in the History on the right.


While in a chart, if you want to copy a field that was entered from the previous encounter under the Previous column, click the field you want to copy.  It will automatically populate to the left side of the chart.


If you want to copy History from a previous chart, in the top right corner of the chart  from the "Past Encounter" field, select the drop down options and select a previous chart.  The details from that chart history will appear to allow you to copy fields  from the previous chart if required.

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