How to Set Up Optometry-Related Settings

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1. Turn on the Optometry Module

Go to Settings>General>System>Modules.

Under the Modules section locate the "Optometry Dispensing" field and set that to "Enabled" then Save.



2. Import Drugs

Go to Settings>Drugs>Import Drugs.


 A list of drugs will auto-populate into your system that can be used in type ahead fields within Medical prescriptions.

3. Turn on Prescriptions

Go to Settings>General>System>Modules.  In the Modules section locate the Prescription field and set that to Enabled and Save.

Now go to Settings>General>System>Patients>Prescription section.  Turn on the Prescriptions that relate to your practice and Save.


4. Create Sales Order Status'

Go to Settings>Sales Order Status.  Create the types of status' you would use when creating Sales Orders.





5. Practitioner Types

Go to Settings>Practitioner Types.

Open the Optometry Practitioner Type and enter the correct "Code" for your specialty.

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