How to Create Optometry-Related Products & Services

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Entering Product Inventory

1. Under Settings>Products & Services section>Products Departments you are able to set up Departments based on your clinic practices.


Department: Frames

Department: Lenses

Department: Eye care products

2. Under Settings>Products Categories, set up Categories based on the services you provide and items you sell.

3. Under Settings>Products & Services>Products & Services, create individual services and items you sell.

4. Large clinics only can chose to use this option.  It will require regular updates by your Admin staff to keep it up to date.

Go to Settings>Product & Services section>New Lens Item. 

Set up the spheres, cylinders and pricing. These are the prices that will appear when you are creating a new order for a patient.

5. Clinics with up to 8 Doctors use this method of entering Product & Service Items.

Go to Settings>Product & Services section>New Frame Item or New Item they both take you to the item page description.


Department and Category:
You must enter these fields.

Name: Enter the name of the Product & Service Item.

Item # : This field is optional.

SKU/SKU2: Are used if you are scanning items into the system.

Codes: This field is optional.

Unit of Measure: This would be set to 1 and it is optional.

Quantity and Unit of Measure fields: Not required for optometry.

Colour, Size & Weight: Optional.

Cost: This is what you paid for the item from the Vendor.

Margin: This will autopopulate when you enter the Cost and Retail fields.

Retail: This is the cost to the client.

Description: Details of the item.

Tax Type: This tax type would first be set up under Settings>General>System>Accounting Tax fields.  You have a few options to select.


Inherit from department: You can set the default for the Department you selected for this item to any of these tax types.  When you select this option the item will automatically apply the tax you selected under Settings, Products Departments.  View the Department you created to see what taxes you applied.

Use any of the other selections to override what you defaulted the department to.

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