How to Schedule an Appointment

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Manage appointment details as you schedule.

While there are various shortcuts to booking appointments, the process of
creating an appointment is the same regardless of how you access the form.


  1. Schedule Navigation
  2. Appointment Booking Window
  3. Add Patient Complaints
  4. Quick Patient Creation


1. Schedule Navigation:

From the Home Schedule, select the Calendar_Icon.png  to locate the date you would like to schedule for. Use the navigation arrows to navigate by month.



Use the navigation arrows next to the Calendar_Icon.png  to move through days.



Or, on the schedule, select a time within the corresponding practitioner's columns.



2. Appointment Booking Window:



 Click here to learn more about the individual fields

By default, the practitioner will be selected based on which column the time was selected from. You can choose another practitioner to add to the appointment or replace the current with another.


This is a type-to-search field based on a patient's first or last name.
If booking a new patient, use the down arrow to select New Patient.


Create or select an existing complaint to link the appointment with.
Learn more below.


Select from insurances created in the patient's profile.


Enter a brief note that will display as a label on the appointment.
i.e. Have patient sign claim forms or Knee Injury


By default, these fields will be based on the time selected.
Adjust them if you prefer another date or time.


This will default to the product or service's duration(s) being added to the appointment. Durations can be modified.


Select this to open the recurring appointments section of the form.

Schedule Type

Select from the available Schedule Types created in settings and assigned to the practitioner.


If in a multi-clinic setting, choose the appropriate clinic. The patient's default clinic assigned in their patient profile will be selected.


Enter any further text detail to be linked with this appointment.

Patient Reminder

The default patient reminder set within the patient's profile will be selected. Use the drop-down menu to choose another reminder type if necessary.



3. Adding a Patient Complaint from a New Appointment

When creating a new appointment, administrators and practitioners have the ability to Add_New.pngAdd or select an existing Patient Complaint.


If you have just added a new complaint, be sure to select Refresh button to see the drop-down list of existing complaints update.  These complaints can be linked to the patient chart.


4. Quick Patient Creation


From the Name field, start typing in the name of a patient, if it is not found at the end of the row you will be prompted, in red, No Matches.



Click the down arrow at the end of the field and select New.


A quick patient creation window will popup and you will be able to create a basic patient profile.


Once you enter the patient name and some of the other details and Save the patient's name will populate into the appointment booking window Patient Name field.  A basic profile will be created for the patient.  You can fill in the rest of the details by opening the patient profile or by having the patient log into the Patient On line Portal and go to the Portal Profile and complete the information fields.





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