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You are able to import patient insurance into existing patient profiles you have imported.

Go to Settings, Imports, Patient Insurance.


The next page takes you to a list of "Required" and optional fields. Items highlighted in green must be populated on your CSV file for importing or you will receive errors. The other items on the list are optional, you can check the check box if you will be importing data into these fields before creating the excel document.




In the bottom left-hand corner, click on the [Get Import Template] button.


A Microsoft Excel file will download, open the file and format your data into the correct fields.


Format the data into the correct fields. Be sure to note the formatting. Be sure to have data in the required fields. Ensure the file once finalized is saved as a CSV file.

Back on the Patient Insurance Import page in Juvonno, select if the file contained a header row.



Finalize the import by selecting the upload button in the bottom right-hand corner.




- A third party company must first be set up in Juvonno under Settings, Third Parties. The "Name" field must match the the "Name" of the insurance field you are importing.

- The Third Party must be set up in the patient profile under the Insurance tab.




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