How to set the order Practitioners appear on the Schedule

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To see employees on the schedule they must be added to your Practitioner Access tab and also make sure you are viewing the correct dashboard.


Schedule View
Practitioner Access tab
1. Open the employee profile.
2. Open the Practitioner Access tab.
3. Make sure the employee/s are added either under the Individual Access or the Primary Group Access section.
Ensure the "Schedule" option has been selected in order for the staff member to view who you are adding on the schedule.    
You are also able to select the "Chart" checkbox if you want the employee to view charts.
Preferences tab
1. If you only have 1 location the "Dashboard" field is set to "My Practitioners".
2. If you have more than 1 location you can use the dashboard called "Multi Clinic Practitioners". 
Also select the locations you want viewable for that staff member by selecting the boxes beside the locations.
The above options provides the staff member with the option to view the schedule based on the clinic location/s. You will see an option to select the location on your dashboard located in the top right corner of the page.

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