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Creating an Import Template

First go to Settings, Imports Section, Transactions.





The next page takes you to a list of "Required" and "Optional" fields that will be produced on your import template.

Required fields are highlighted in green must be populated on your CSV file for importing or you will receive errors.

Optional fields do not have a "required" listing beside their columns name. Check the checkbox if your clinic will be importing the additional data at the time of import template and data creation. 






Import Template Notes

Please ensure the columns and data is formatted exactly as laid out in the sample spreadsheet below.

- You can manually enter the data into these fields or you can relabel the export document you may have received from another clinic management system and transform data with the correct order of columns.

- Fields highlighted in Yellow are "Required" fields.

Optional fields, do not have to have data entered in all of these fields within the column.

- Patients, Clinics, Employees, Items, Taxes must first be set up.

- All fields must be saved as a 'general' or 'time' style, rather than a calculation of other fields. The import will not read formulas.

(Columns A to K)


(Columns L to P)


  • Clinic Name - Put the exact name of the clinic or # that can be found in system settings. Any irregularities of spelling will not properly be imported
  • Invoice date - make sure it is imported in YYYY/MM/DD
  • Patient Chart - Select the exact chart number. 
  • Patients Names - Exact Spelling of patients first and last name
  • Employee # - found in the employee's profile
  • Employees Name - Exact Spelling of staffs first and last name
  • Product # - exact product/service #
  • Subtotal - What the product/service was issued to the patient at on transaction
  • Taxes - set up before the import, tax dollar amount applied
  • Total - Subtotal + Taxes. Must be in general formatting style
  • Payment Amount - how much payment was applied
  • Payment Date - When the transaction took place



- Taxes - GST/PST/HST is adjusted under Settings, General, System, Accounting, Tax section will populate into the report. Change the names and the rate of the taxes to populate correctly.




- Be sure to save the file once finalized as a CSV file.



Importing the Finalized Transaction Template

Now go back to Settings, Imports Section, Transactions Import page in Juvonno.  Select if the file contained a header row. A header row is the column headers.






Select the "Choose File" button to locate the document on your computer for importing.  Finalize the import by selecting the upload button in the bottom right-hand corner.





Finalize the import by selecting the upload button in the bottom right-hand corner.




The import will begin. Do not exit from the page, allow the import to run.  Depending on how much data it could take several minutes.

If there are errors you will get receive an error report. 

This error report cannot be printed. You can take a screenshot and save it to print.




If you are performing an import that creates errors within your system and the data does not match or there are any importing issues that require a developer to reverse the import there will be a charge of $150.00 per hour.

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